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 Snowshoeing with your Dog in the Mammoth Lakes area

Snowshoe Hikes Whitmore Pool

Drive down the 395 South about 10 miles. Turn left onto Benton Crossing Road (landmark is the Green Church). Drive about mile to Whitmore Pool entrance. Park your car. This lot and the road to the lot is usually plowed. If it is not you can park along side the road at the entrance way. Do not block the driveway leading to Whitmore Pool.

Go through the cow gate and walk until the road comes to a t-intersection (at the barbed wire fence). Make a left and go down the hill and continue to bear to your left at the bottom of the hill. More than likely there will be other snow shoe tracks or cross country ski tracks that you can continue to follow. If not, make your own path if the snow is deep enough to cover the sage brush.

You will be walking on a path in the direction of Crowley Lake, which you should be able to see in the distance. The path makes a left hand turn and goes uphill. The hill is steep, but short. At the top of this hill, bear to your right and continue in the direction of Crowley Lake until you get to another barbed wire fence.

Keeping the fence on your right, continue until you get to the cow gate and grate, then make a left. You will see the buildings behind Whitmore Pool in the distance slightly to your left. You are in essence making a big counterclockwise loop hike.

I recommend that you leash up your dogs when you get to the cement barriers and you see the Benton Crossing Road in front of you. This is a safety measure so that your dog does not decide to chase some little critter out into the street and possibly in front of a moving car.

The path turns to the left about 100 yards past the cement barricades and it parallels the Benton Crossing Road. You will pass the buildings that are located behind Whitmore Pool. They will be on your left. You go up a slight grade and will see the parking lot off to the left.

This hike takes about 45 minutes when there is no snow on the path and the time needed when there is snow will depend on the condition and the depth of the snow. If you are making first tracks, this is quite the workout!

Mammoth Dogs dog / pet day care, lodging, boarding, sitting, grooming and supplies in Mammoth Lakes, California.

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