Mammoth Dogs - dog / pet lodging, boarding, sitting, daycare grooming and supplies in Mammoth Lakes, California
Mammoth Dogs - the definitive guide to all things DOG in Mammoth Lakes, California
Mammoth Dogs - dog / pet day care, lodging, boarding, sitting, grooming and supplies in Mammoth Lakes, California.

Taking a trip to Mammoth Lakes with your dog?
Live in Mammoth Lakes and want to take a trip without your dog? is the site for you! We have doggie cookies, dog combing and dog doctors. We have dog day care, dog friendly restaurants and dog training. We have dog beds, dog friendly lodging and dog teams. If it has anything to do with dogs and is in Mammoth Lakes, we have it listed here. in FIDOFriendly magazine
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Mammoth Dogs 

Doggie Treats
who ever heard of a doggie bakery?

Dog Grooming

Pet Supplies

Vets & Therapy

Dog Training
the puppy will have you in complete control.

with dog friendly outside decks
(summer only).

for you with your favorite dog.

day and night care.

Other Dog Stuff

Frequently Ask Questions
and other usefull dog information.


 Doggie Bakery

Boris is ready for his
Tailwaggers Bakery
Gourmet Dog Bakery & Boutique

Minaret Village Shopping Center
(760) 924-3400
You just HAVE to try the Liver Brownies!
Rocky Mountain
Chocolate Factory

Minaret Village Shopping Center
(760) 934-6260
white chocolate coated doggie biscuits

"I really appreciate your website as we try and plan a trip to Mammoth with our dog."   Tri

Dog Grooming 

Spoiled Rotten
94 Laurel Mountain Road
(760) 934-1646
Professional dog groomer Cary Shibley
Gourmet Dog Bakery & Boutique

Minaret Village Shopping Center
(760) 924-3400
Wash your own pet in a raised tub.

Natasha loves a bath
at Spoiled Rotten.

 Pet Supplies

Hobie can get 3 balls in his mouth for Marta!
Mammoth Pet Shop
38 Laurel Mountain Road
(760) 934-4417
Gourmet Dog Bakery & Boutique

Minaret Village Shopping Center
(760) 924-3400

Veterinary & Therapy Services 

Alpen Veterinary Hospital
Sierra Manor Road
(760) 934-2291
Gaylon TeSlaa, DVM
Bishop Veterinary Hospital, Inc
1650 N. Sierra Hwy (395), Bishop
(760) 873-5801

Everybody is ready for
a "car ride".
Alpine Animal Massage
 & Bodywork

(760) 590-4686
Debbi Barbieri, CCM
Canine and equine massage, cold laser
treatments and kinesio taping.

"Your website is perfect for those of us who like to travel with our dogs. Thanks for providing such a valuable website."   Linda

 Dog Training

Tanner checking the view.
There is nothing in the world that compares with the joy our dogs can bring to us when they run to greet us after a long day. The expression of pure bliss they have at the sight of us lets us know just how much they love us. One common occurrence during these greetings is the puppy "kiss". Often they will [...] Read More.

Thanks to for this and
many more great lessons for us humans.

Pet Friendly Restaurants 

Gomez's Mexican
(760) 924-2693
for other options try
Good Life
and also
Breakfast Club

Sierra and Greg sleding at Edelweiss Lodge.

 Dog Friendly Lodging

Marta and Gandolf on Mammoth Rock trail.

Edelweiss Lodge
(760) 934-2445
$15 per day per pet
not unattended unless in crate

Motel 6
(760) 934-6660
1 pet per room, no fees
Pine Cliff Resort
(760) 934-2447
Pets Accepted - No Extra Charge
Discovery 4
(760) 934-6410
some units allow dogs
$20(small) $35(medium) $50(large)
only one at a time, cannot be in unit alone
Econo Lodge
(760) 934-6855
$10 per dog per night, 2 dog max
not bigger than 50lbs
not unattended unless in crate
Sierra Lodge
(760) 934-8881
Pets in selected rooms only.
Please call 760-934-8881 to reserve
directly if traveling with pet, $10 per night,
no room service if dog not crated
Shilo Inn
(760) 934-4500
$15 per night, no room service if dog not crated
Mammoth Creek Inn
(760) 934-6162
$29 per dog per night
Sierra Nevada Rodeway Inn
(760) 934-2515
$12 per dog per night, 2 dog limit
not unattended
noisey dogs must be removed
charge for pet "messes"
Swiss Chalet
(760) 934-2403
Some pet friendly rooms
$10 per dog per night
not unattended
Travel Lodge
(760) 934-8892
$10 per dog per night, not unattended
Mammoth Ski & Racquet Club
(760) 934-6891
$25 per dog per night, 1-2 well behaved
some units
Crystal Crag Lodge
(summer only)
(760) 934-2436
$9 per night, up to 3 dogs
Snowcreek Resort
(760) 934-3333
$100 non-refundable, regardless of duration of stay
max 2 pets, supervised at all times
Summit Reservations
(760) 934-3000
Woods Lodge
(summer only)
(760) 934-2261
Tamarack Lodge
(760) 934-2442
summer only
$25 per dog per day
Elite Mammoth Condo
(310) 376-9990
We have a beautiful place in Mammoth and
we do not charge any extra for dogs
because we are dog friendly people.
The Westin Monache
(760) 934-0400
not more than 70lbs
no housekeeping with pet in room
Double Eagle Resort - June Lake
(760) 648-7004

Summit H94
(800) 743-4188
$25 per pet
not unattended unless in crate

Bill wrote "Great web site. Thanks for providing the information on traveling with dogs to Mammoth."

Boarding / Sitting Service 

Dusty's Pet
(760) 873-6885
Bishop; kennels
this is a very volatile category, search on facebook for the latest info

Apres Pooch Pet Sitting
(760) 924-dogs
Pet Sitting in Your Home/Condo,
Potty Walks, and 2-hour Adventure Hikes
Long Valley Dog Retreat
(760) 935-4751
Helping your dog enjoy their stay
while in the Eastern Sierra

 Other Dog Stuff

Rosies' been running hard!

Mammoth Dog

(760) 934-6270
Dog Sled Rides
Dog Fun:
Breakfast at Gingers Dog Beach
Wasabi and Ginger Dog Sled

Dog Info:
Dog Age Graph

Satisfied Customer 

"I travel to Mammoth with my 120 lb Bernese Mountain Dog and always carry a print out of your site with me. The site is a lifesaver. From treats to vets, my dog feels like a local. The businesses listed on your site should know how many people you refer to them - I definitely let them know.

Here is a picture of our pooch enjoying the Mammoth snow from a couple of weeks ago ... "



Mammoth Dogs dog / pet day care, lodging, boarding, sitting, grooming and supplies in Mammoth Lakes, California.

Mammoth Lakes, California  93546

Mammoth Lakes
Visitors Bureau

Mammoth Mountain
Ski Area

Town of
Mammoth Lakes

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